Elastica CloudSOC™

Full-life cycle Cloud Access Security Platform

Elastica CloudSOC™ is your Data Science Powered™ Security Operations Center for cloud apps that provides full life cycle of security for SaaS, before during and after an incident. Telstra can help address these security and compliance risks associated with cloud application and services adoption through its consulting services. In addition, Telstra is integrating this core Elastica functionality into its own Security Operation Centre to provide customers a fully managed service.

  • Leverage Multiple Data Types

  • Uncover Shadow IT Risks

  • Unmask Shadow Data Risks

  • Gain Deep Activity Visibility

  • Detect Intrusions and Exploitations

  • Prevent Breaches and Violations

  • Investigate Incidents & Respond

  • All in one beautiful CloudSOC™ platform

Leverage Multiple Data Types Uncover Shadow IT Risks Unmask Shadow Data Risks Gain Deep Activity Visibility Detect Intrusions and Exploitations Prevent Breaches and Violations Investigate Incidents & Respond All in one beautiful CloudSOC™ platform
  • Leverage Multiple Data Types

    Elastica CloudSOC ingests data of multiple types and applies the power of data science to achieve the most comprehensive security intelligence and protection for cloud apps

    • Cloud App APIs Elastica SECURLETS connect with backend of popular cloud apps to monitor content and activities
    • Cloud App Live Traffic Elastica GATEWAY inspects live cloud app HTTP traffic and extracts granular user activity & context
    • Logs from Security Solutions Elastica AUDIT processes logs from Cisco ASA, WSA and CWS and all major security solutions
  • Uncover Shadow IT Risks

    Elastica AUDIT app uncovers Shadow IT and assigns Business Readiness Rating™ to cloud apps. It enables IT pros to adopt and consolidate productive cloud apps and control risky ones, with decisions backed by insightful analytics.

    • Discover Cloud Apps Uncover extent of Shadow IT and level of cloud app adoption
    • Find Risk Ratings Get tailored Business Readiness Ratings of cloud apps
    • Detect Unusual Usage Find anomalies in usage of cloud apps
    • Compare & Contrast Perform side-by-side comparison of important attributes of cloud apps
    • Refine Policies Audit and refine firewall and proxy policies to adopt or block apps

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  • Unmask Shadow Data Risks

    Elastica Shadow Data analysis enables IT pros to uncover data governance issues, sensitive data exposures and data theft in cloud apps. Adapt new data governance policies based on insightful analytics

    • Assess Data Governance Find data governance issues in your cloud apps caused by public, external, and broad internal exposures
    • Examine Compliance Risks Find compliance and sensitive data leakage risks with the power of Elastica ContentIQ™
    • Identify Inbound Risks Identify inbound content risks via files shared with employees
    • Pinpoint Risky Accounts Identify and manage risky user accounts
    • Remediate Remediate data governance and compliance violations

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  • Get Deep Activity Visibility

    Machine learning assisted StreamIQ™ inspects live cloud app traffic and provides deep visibility into user action in cloud apps. Semantic analysis based ContentIQ™ classifies content and provides valuable context for every action.

    • Detailed User Info Find granular activity info related to user, device, user-agent, geo-location, and geo-IP
    • Object Info Gain insightful information about object and action taken inside the cloud app
    • Insightful Content Info Understand the compliance data governance issues with the content being acted upon
  • Detect Intrusions and Exploitations

    Elastica DETECT app uses advanced machine learning to pinpoint threatening users, user accounts and risky user transactions through a ThreatScore™. It provides security intelligence across cloud apps and makes it actionable.

    • Model User Behavior Know the ThreatScore™ of every user account and user across cloud apps
    • Customizable Threat Scoring Customize detection engines to generate a ThreatScore™ tailored to your risk tolerance
    • Actionable Security Intelligence Easily navigate to find the underlying reason of high ThreatScore™ for users and take appropriate actions

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  • Prevent Breaches and Data Loss

    Elastica PROTECT app enables granular policy enforcement across cloud apps. The combination of Elastica StreamIQ™ and ContentIQ™ uniquely protects against data loss via sharing activities in cloud apps.

    • Users and Groups Enforce policy for specific users, groups, user-agents, devices, and geographies
    • Activities Enforce policy to prevent specific types of activities inside a group of cloud apps
    • Content Enforce policy to prevent leakage of specific types of data from cloud apps
    • Threat Level Apply policy tied to ThreatScore™ of users and user accounts

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  • Investigate Incidents and Respond

    Elastica INVESTIGATE app enables insightful retrospection, incident reconstruction and methodical response to security issues.

    • Rewind and Replay Navigate back in time and investigate incidents as they happen
    • Correlated Events Correlate events and gain insights with powerful visualization
    • Targeted Investigation Focus investigations on specific users, devices, and geographies

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  • Everything you need for Cloud Access Security

    All in one place. Across your Cloud Apps

    • Leverage Shadow IT
    • Harness Data Sharing
    • Monitor Account Exploitations
    • Respond to Incidents
    • Execute full life cycle of security
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