Prevent Data Loss With SYMANTEC


Prevent Data Loss With SYMANTEC

Data Loss Prevention Policy

Organizations moving corporate data to SaaS services need to have effective DLP policies. With nearly 47% of enterprises having experienced data loss in the cloud at some point, organizations need to reduce the risks associated with exposing customer data, losing intellectual property, or violating compliance obligations. Unfortunately, traditional DLP solutions are unable to provide sufficient visibility into your SaaS environment.

Symantec offers a new approach to DLP for SaaS applications. Symantec’s security and compliance capabilities include:

  • Risky file exposure detection
  • Compliance risk classification
  • Sensitive content classification
  • Malicious user risk detection
  • Policy enforcement
  • Post-Incident investigation

To learn more about how you can implement an effective data loss prevention policy for your SaaS applications, download our Cloud DLP whitepaper.

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