Protecting your Cloud AppS


Protecting your Cloud AppS

Application Security

As SaaS apps become a widely adopted alternative to traditional on-premise appliances and applications, companies are becoming concerned about the security of their corporate data, customer data and IP being stored in cloud applications.

The full cycle of cloud application security includes:

  • Uncovering Shadow IT – apps and IT solutions used by employees without the company’s authorization.
  • Detecting risky activities and users in cloud apps by zeroing in on threats without sifting through billions of data records.
  • Protecting cloud apps by enforcing policies across multiple cloud services at the same time to prevent attacks and ensure corporate governance.
  • Performing post-incident investigations and forensic analysis across all historical transactions for your cloud applications and services. This allows you to perform deep dive analysis for legal, compliance or HR initiatives, ensuring cloud-based data is no longer outside the sphere of enterprise analysis.

For more information on how to secure your cloud apps, download our CASB Executive Guide, or watch one of the following webcasts:

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