Your Existing ProxySG

Newly Equipped with the Power of Elastica Cloud Security

Don't just discover shadow it control it

Set Controls.

  • Enable AUDIT and immediately discover usage and analytics of over 12000+ cloud apps. 1
  • Define and enforce policies based on app names and risk attributes from your ProxySG or Management Center. Set single policy to enforce in real-time across all cloud apps. 2
  • Choose to upload logs and unlock AUDIT’s leading CASB capabilities for continuous monitoring and control of all your cloud activity. 3
Don't just discover shadow it control it

Uncover Shadow IT in your organization and make informed cloud app adoption decisions using Elastica’s AUDIT.

Company AUDIT Score

See what apps are being used, how, and by whom

Discover Usage

Instantly rates overall security performance

Enforce Controls

Define and enforce policies based on risky apps

Business Readiness Rating™

Find alternatives for risky apps

Compare Apps

Rates each cloud app based on 60+ factors

Powerful Reporting

Comprehensive executive summaries

With a Complimentary Risk Assesment