Unified controls across cloud services

Protect your cloud services by using intuitive global policies that eliminate the complexity of definition and enforcement by automatically translating policies across multiple cloud services at the same time. Create and enforce policies for your cloud services that prevent attacks and ensure corporate governance.

Elastica Protect App

Risk-Based Policy Enforcement

Advanced data science and predictive analytics assign a real-time ThreatScore™ to all users and their activities. Leverage this ThreatScore™ to either raise an alert or block transactions before data breaches occur.

Take Care of Personally Identifiable Info

Scan your cloud activity to identify important types of data, such as Personally Identifiable Information. Build intelligent policies and controls based on this knowledge, to ensure special precautions are taken with these unique types of data.

Social Security Card Credit Card Drivers Licence
Financial Info
Business Plans
Customer Info
Competitive Info
Strategy Plans
Company Risks

Prevent Data Loss

Information is the prime asset of a company in this information age. Leverage intelligent controls to prevent data loss when using cloud services. Rather than coarse policies that frustrate users, build very tailored policies that enable the broad use of applications in a responsible way.

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Real-Time Enforcement

Real-time detection is coupled with real-time enforcement. So instead of learning about attacks after the fact – you can prevent them before they occur.