Risk Assessment

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No cost, no commitment Shadow IT & Shadow Data Risk Assessment

What will I receive? x
  • Cloud Services Risk Assessment Report
  • Identify externally and publicly exposed data in your cloud apps
  • Identify Compliance violations including documents containing pii, PHI, PCI
  • Identify Risky Users & Behavior
  • Automate Exposure Remediation
  • Access to a cloud app security specialist

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Uncover Shadow

  • Discover a world of unseen apps

    Gain visibility into all the cloud apps used within your company and their detailed Business Readiness Ratings™.

  • Analyze your cloud risk profile

    Get executive reports regarding your organization’s risk profile tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Make smart app choices

    Perform comparisons among alternative cloud apps and continuously monitor usage for compliance enforcement.

Expose Shadow

  • Automate labor-impossible tasks

    Classification and governance of compliance-related data such as PII, PCI and PHI. Remediate violations in minutes.

  • Enforce and respond to incidents

    Create content-aware and context-aware policies to safeguard sensitive data. Incident response tapping granular log data with powerful analysis tools.

  • Detect and prevent threats

    Patent-pending data science algorithms instantly alert to threats allowing blocking of anomalous behavior or malware intrusion.