Find Risks in Microsoft Office 365 Accounts

Protect sensitive customer information and documents stored in your Microsoft Office 365 account from data loss due to accidental or malicious use by employees or account takeovers by hackers. Identify and remediate compliance risks, such as Payment Card Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial and other types of data.

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Microsoft Office 365 Solution Brief

Find and monitor all cloud applications used in your organization and highlight any risk and compliance issues these may pose.

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Elastica Securlet for Dropbox

Detect Threats in Office 365 Accounts

Elastica’s Securlet for Microsoft Office 365 uses advanced data science and machine learning to analyze user activity and identify risks to sensitive corporate data. A ThreatScore™ is automatically assigned which can be used to warn administrators or prevent breaches before they occur.

Protect Data in Office 365 Accounts Protect Data in Office 365 Accounts
Protect Data in Office 365 Accounts

Protect Data in Office 365 Accounts

Create and enforce policies for your Microsoft Office 365 account that protect against threats to sensitive data and ensure corporate governance. Granular policies can be easily crafted to prevent breaches of customer account data.

Elastica Securlet for Dropbox Elastica Securlet for Dropbox

Investigate User Activity in Office 365 Accounts

Perform targeted investigations for post-incident analysis leveraging a wealth of detailed transactional information to analyze compliance violations. Powerful visualization, free-form search and extensive filtering criteria provide quick access to needed information.

Safely Adopting Office 365

Read the executive guide that summarizes the key security risks and considerations in moving to Microsoft Office 365, and how a CASB (cloud access security broker) can mitigate the risks. You will learn:

  • How to prevent risky data exposures through good governance practices?
  • How to maintain compliance as you adopt Office 365?
  • How to prevent data destruction and theft—and what to do when incidents occur?
  • And more!

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