Giveaway Ebook

Giveaway Ebook

Get SaaS Security eBook and Win a Google Glass

Traditional security solutions such as Firewalls, IDS, Anti-Malware and SIEM solutions are ineffective in the face of one of the biggest shifts in IT – namely the rapid adoption of SaaS and cloud apps. This leaves your company vulnerable to intentional and unintentional data breaches and security incidents, through employees’ accounts on SaaS and Cloud Apps.

Download this eBook to learn how you can:

  • Take the covers off of Shadow IT by discovering all of the SaaS apps currently used by your employees and its risk levels.
  • Identify intrusion and incidents on your SaaS and Cloud accounts, using the power of machine learning.
  • Quickly understand the context of cloud data breaches and other threats when they occur, not weeks or months later as with traditional security solutions.
  • Enforce company policies to ensure that cloud data breaches and incidents don’t occur in the first place.
  • Get Security Operations Center (SOC) like capabilities, with a single dashboard and control panel to monitor and secure all of your distributed SaaS and cloud applications from one place.