Elastica Detect AppElastica Detect App

Zero-In on Threats in Cloud Services

Let our advanced machine learning and data science do the job for you to detect threatening activities and users in your cloud services. Zero-in on threats without sifting through billions of historical cloud service usage records.

Detect Malware

Defeat Malware targeting cloud services

As your enterprise data moves to cloud services, malware is being built to attack those same services. Identify specialized malware threats to your cloud data in real-time, including Zeus-like malware, watering hole attacks or other sophisticated threats exposed by the use of cloud services.

Tap Data Science To Automatically Detect Risks

Elastica’s advanced data science algorithms assign a ThreatScore™ to highlight the risk level of all account activities on any cloud service. By immediately identifying suspicious behavior, these scores enable you to define simpler and smarter policies and controls to protect your data in the cloud.


Identify Malicious Users

Data theft by malicious use of company accounts is an unfortunate reality that is often invisible with the use of cloud services from a variety of devices. Leverage advanced behavior recognition algorithms to uncover these threats in real-time.