Elastica Company

What’s in the name?

Elastic: “..flexible, accommodating, adaptable, buoyant..”. So shall we say the corollary to Darwin’s thesis for Enterprises is that ‘Only the ones who are the most Elastic would survive’.

Elastic Enterprise is now about flexibility in how employees are enabled to use most efficient cloud services and mobile, to stay agile and competitive. Security is often the deterrent to such flexibility. Elastica solves the cloud security problem to enable your Elastic Enterprise.

Elastica Company

One of the best teams in Silicon Valley

Elastica has over 130 team members with some of the industry’s top experts in data science, machine learning, deep packet inspection, security, cryptography, stream processing, front-end design and web-scale cloud engineering.

Elastica Company

Elastica’s Story

Elastica started with a simple thought: Cloud services should be secure for businesses and their employees to use confidently, without any blind spots. We embarked on our mission to provide an elegantly simple security operations center for cloud services, the CloudSOC™ solution. Since then we have reimagined cloud security with the application of advanced data science and machine learning to provide a comprehensive, scalable security solutions with elegant visualization.

Elastica Culture


Elastica is a vibrant young company located in the heart of Santana Row in West San Jose. While we have many high-caliber players on the team, we shun complicated hierarchies, preferring a flat organization with open communication where everyone can have an impact. We work fast and efficient, and manage to have fun along the way.

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