Journey of a Team with a Mission

Over 3 years ago, a small Elastica team saw that while cloud applications had the […]

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Over 3 years ago, a small Elastica team saw that while cloud applications had the potential to be a game-changer for enterprise IT efficiency and user productivity, lack of enterprise-grade security around SaaS applications was one of the biggest impediments for its rapid adoption. Instead of embracing and institutionalizing modern SaaS apps, many were simply getting shunned in the enterprise.

So we embarked on an exciting new journey with a singular mission to enable fast adoption of cloud apps, by enabling security around them. The Elastica team took a machine learning and data science-centric approach to solving security needs for cloud apps, while leveraging webscale technologies, and turned the problem on its head. Powered by data science, an entirely new stack of security was created and housed in an intuitive and slick user interface. Hence, Elastica CloudSOC was born; a single pane of glass for all security needs and capabilities for cloud apps, offered as a SaaS service itself.


The moment of pride came for the Elastica team when some of the largest customers and partners in the world, started preferring Elastica CloudSOC. Elastica CloudSOC technically stood head and shoulder above the closest solutions. Many renowned security experts and publications started recognizing the uniqueness of what the Elastica team built.

The most amazing part of the journey has been the culture at Elastica, where the limits of technical possibilities are collaboratively pushed at blazing speed while having fun together.

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Along the way, some large companies came with offers to acquire Elastica, but we passed as we did not feel that we would be able to keep our mission alive after those acquisitions. But recently, a company with an offer showed up with a very similar vision and mission as Elastica has to make the cloud a safer place.

That company is Blue Coat Systems, a pure-play security company with over 15,000 customers, over 40% market share of the secure web gateway business, and 86% of Fortune 500 enterprises that count on them for web security. I am happy to share that we have decided to accept Blue Coat System’s proposal and join forces with them to accelerate the accomplishment of our mission to make cloud a safer place. Elastica will continue to operate, as-is, albeit with the ability to leverage additional technologies and resources and with access to a very strong customer base.




Most importantly, this is great news for our customers and prospects! The tight integration will combine the most trusted web security gateway, threat intelligence, malware engines , and tokenization from Blue Coat with the most innovative data science-powered CASB solution from Elastica. Elastica CloudSOC adds machine learning based user behavior modeling, natural language processing based cloud DLP, log-based Shadow IT analytics, granular inline controls based on CASB gateway and agent, remediation controls based on cloud APIs, and granular correlation capabilities – all offered via a single, intuitive and slick user interface. Customers and prospects have been looking for a holistic cloud security solution and we have listened to them. Such a combined offering would be a first in the industry!

Every one of the 207 Elasticians has their signatures in defining and evolving Elastica. It would not have been possible to provide the world with a comprehensive cloud access security solution without Elastica team’s creativity, resolve and passion to solve the cloud security challenge. My eternal gratitude to Elasticians globally! The cloud will be safer for our customers because of you.



This is a just a milestone towards accomplishing Elastica team’s vision. We are not done yet. Stay tuned for more news.

Our mission continues forward to enable enterprises to embrace the cloud with confidence!

For more information on the merger, read the Blue Coat press release.

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