Take the covers off Shadow IT

Audit hundreds of cloud services already adopted by your employees, whether they are accessed from desktop computers in the office or mobile devices on the road. Evaluate which applications are business-ready for your company.

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Uncover Risk to your Enterprise

Get a summary report card for your organization with regards to cloud app security. Within seconds, identify all SaaS apps used across the company, apps that pose a medium or high risk, and top 5 riskiest apps, users and location of these apps. A company Audit Score gives you a top-level view of your organization’s risk profile.


Audit App Solution Brief

Find and monitor all cloud applications used in your organization and highlight any risk and compliance issues these may pose.

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Elastica Detect App

Determine Business Readiness of Apps

Elastica’s algorithms automatically assign a Business Readiness Rating™ to the cloud services that are discovered based on a comprehensive set of criteria. These ratings can be tailored to suit your requirements, by customizing the importance of any of the criteria.

Instant Insights with Advanced Visualization

Advanced visualization allows you to instantly pivot on multiple parameters to view data from various perspectives. These views can be further refined with granular filters, enabling you quickly gain deep insights into your cloud app usage and take action.


Find Cloud App Usage and Risks

Instantly find SaaS apps used by your employees along with any risks these apps may pose to your organization. An intuitive Business Readiness Rating™ based on 60+ objective metrics is assigned to each app.


Tailor Ratings to Your Requirements

Organizations can tailor the rating of cloud applications to match their requirements by adjusting the “weighting” of the evaluation metrics (e.g., two-factor authentication is a “must have”).


Find Alternative Apps

Readily compare apps side-by-side to find safe alternatives for risky cloud apps rather than resorting to brute force blocking; empowering employees while maintaining corporate standards.

Threats Comparison

Compare and Choose

Elastica allows you to easily compare and contrast existing cloud apps side-by-side with similar apps, enabling you to narrow in on which may be best suited for general adoption. This comparison is supported by an extensive database containing a detailed analysis of thousands of cloud services.