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Elastica Apps

The modular design of the CloudSOC platform allows you to tailor your solution by adding one or more Elastica Apps as needed.


Take the covers off Shadow IT

Audit hundreds of cloud services already adopted by your employees, whether they are accessed from desktop computers in the office or mobile devices on the road. Evaluate which applications are business-ready for your company.

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Elastica Detect App Elastica Detect App


Zero in on threats in cloud services

Let our advanced machine learning and data science do the job for you to detect threatening activities and users in your cloud services. Zero-in on threats without sifting through billions of historical cloud service usage records.

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Elastica Investigate App Elastica Investigate App


Investigate Historical Transactions

Perform post-incident investigations and forensic analysis across all historical transactions for your cloud applications and services. Perform deep dive analysis for legal, compliance or HR initiatives, ensuring cloud-based data is no longer outside the sphere of enterprise analysis.

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Elastica Controls App


Unified Controls Across Cloud Services

Protect your cloud services by using intuitive global policies that eliminate the complexity of definition and enforcement by automatically translating policies across multiple cloud services at the same time. Create and enforce policies for your cloud services that prevent attacks and ensure corporate governance.

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