Security Ops Center for your Cloud Apps

Elastica CloudSOC™ is a unique platform that enables transaction level security for your cloud apps and services by combining data science, machine learning, real-time traffic processing, insightful visualization and intuitive controls.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Customizable
  • Actionable Insights
CloudSOC Information Flow

Leverage Multiple Information Flows

Multiple information flows, including real-time cloud service traffic, are correlated to give maximum visibility into your cloud service usage. The CloudSOC solution intelligently infers granular user activity using its StreamIQ™ technology. It combines data from cloud services, mobile devices and firewalls to provide unique insights.

Data Science Powered Cloud Security

Advanced machine learning and data science techniques are applied to get deep insights about user activity with cloud services. An automated ThreatScore™ is assigned based on usage patterns that can be used to trigger intelligent security actions.

  • Self Learning
  • Real Time
  • Highly Scalable

Augment Your Security Infrastructure

For enterprises that have built Security Operations Centers to watch over their corporate assets, the CloudSOC solution adds needed visibility for emerging cloud apps and services. For those that are heavily leveraging cloud infrastructure for their core services, CloudSOC may be the only SOC needed.

Elastica CloudSOC

Policy enforcement

ThreatScore™ assigned by Elastica’s data science engines can be used to enforce simplified and intuitive policies that span across multiple cloud applications at the same time.

Elastica CloudSOC Elastica CloudSOC Elastica CloudSOC Elastica CloudSOC Elastica CloudSOC Elastica CloudSOC

Extensible on demand

Add powerful Elastica Apps based on your monitoring, security, intelligence and compliance needs. Add Elastica Securlets™ to monitor and secure specific cloud services used by your employees – all with the click of a button in the Elastica Store.

Power of Collaboration

Built-in real time communication capabilities allow you to add comments and resolve alerts, threats and attacks. Automatically capture tribal knowledge around threats, alerts and attacks in one place.

Global Presence

Elastica’s global network leverages cloud-based data centers around the world to ensure low latency and employs best practices for network resilience and security. It’s designed to be truly Elastic and scalable on demand. Alternatively, data residency sensitive customers may opt to deploy Elastica in their own private data centers.

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