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Why CloudSOC?

Is your data only within company premises anymore? You may have deployed layers of on-premise […]

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Is your data only within company premises anymore?

You may have deployed layers of on-premise security technologies over time to gain visibility, controls and data breach preventing capabilities for your corporate assets.  You may even have built security operations centre where you can ensure your company assets are safe and compliant.

But is your data only within company premises anymore?

As more and more users leverage cloud apps and services they pull company data into the cloud, without the scrutiny of traditional SOCs, which is why Elastica created the CloudSOC(TM) solution. Whether you need to augment your existing SOC to handle cloud services or you never had a SOC, but are heavily leveraging cloud services, CloudSOC is there to protect you.

Elastica’s CloudSOC provides a single pane of glass to monitor, analyze and control your cloud security threats. With CloudSOC your operations staff can easily identify all the cloud services being used and determines which ones are safe and which pose a risk. It even find safe alternatives.

Leveraging advanced data science CloudSOC keeps a watchful eye on your corporate data, continuously looking for suspicious behavior and helping thwart data breaches before they occur.

Investigations on cloud service activity becomes a breeze because CloudSOC sifts through mountains of data and helps you find the needle in the haystack.

With intuitive policies that map across several cloud services simultaneously, its easy to maintain corporate governance and safeguard your data.

With its modular design and convenient app store CloudSOC can be readily tailored to your environment. Elastica’s CloudSOC solution allows you to relax, knowing that your employees are empowered to use cloud services without compromises in security or compliance.


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